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Doing Jazz with Lorens Chuno

On this podcast, Lorens Chuno presents conversations with enterprising jazz musicians. Every now and then, an artist of another form stops by. These conversations are free-form in nature and casually explore the work life of these artists; but don't be surprised to hear their "starting out" stories, their opinions on current issues, and maybe one or two pieces of advice for people interested in their chosen art field. Come here every week for a new episode of the podcast, and find out how these inspiring jazz practitioners do jazz.

Feb 4, 2020

Dave Darlington has made his marks in the world of recorded music with his trademark minimalistic approach to the use to audio compression. Dave has worked with most of the household names in all the genres. For instance, he mixed and mastered the grammy award winning album “Algeria" by wayne Shorter;  "If on a Winter's Night" by String, and "Black Ivory Soul" by Angelique Kidjo. How about that for range? Dave also composed the theme song and and underscore for the HBO hit Oz. (Music credit: Mr Sabi, 1 Train, Awake, and Today by Lorens Chuno).

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